With growing business comes expansion of network. With expansion of network there also comes increase in risk of network security. Paladion offers next generation Network Security solutions ranging from firewall security and intrusion inhibition to threat detection engines, thoughtfully put together for the ever expanding next-generation networks.

Understanding the need of every growing business Paladion brings you IT efficiency with better manageability, scalability and lower cost over Cloud. It is a Complete Security Package’ – Technology bundled with Services for Deployment, Management and Support.

Paladion has ruled the hearts of its clients and security market for over 15years with its uncompromised and consistent services.



  Ticketing and Alert services with SLA

  Real-time analysis, logging, monitoring and reporting of security posture
Customizable dashboard, Flexible View and Management options in cloud Portal

  Security Appliance includes Firewall, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Application Control, URL Filtering, Antivirus, Anti-Spam & Email

  VPN and Remote Access capabilities and services

  Roaming user management

  Integrated wireless security with secured guest access

  Provides comprehensive visibility and insight into perimeter activity via Customer Portal

  Wireless support

  Security services

What you get from us….


  On-going management and administration by Paladion security experts through cloud

  High Visibility with web-based Management Dashboard

  IT efficiency : better manageability, scalability and lower cost with Cloud

  Always on, 24×7 customer support

  Peace of mind against attacks, viruses, spam, dangerous applications and malicious websites

  Secure communication: secure traffic between your office network and any laptop, Smartphone or tablet with VPN and Multi Factor Authentication

  Continuous automatic security updates and upgrades

  Lower and Attractive Pricing

  Security that is backed by Assurance

Still not feeling safe…

If you are still not feeling safe then just know that Paladion has gathered rich experience in implementing security technologies, managing and operating SOS over a period of years. With our continuous innovation we have been able to meet the customer requirements.

Paladion on demand is customized to your environment, leveraging best practices to ensure legitimate network access while maintaining network availability and performance. With cloud management you get the complete visibility of your company security. With cloud you also get the power to manage your dashboard and portal from anywhere with multifactor authentication. If you want to configure or manage any issue then just raise a ticket and we will do it for you with our expertise so you can concentrate on your core business activities.


Now that your security is assured, what are you waiting for?