Mobile Device Security-as-a-Service

The mobile platform is increasingly proving to be a major instrument in allowing organizations to benefit from higher productivity, smoother business workflows and processes, and becoming an efficient means of establishing improved customer interaction and satisfaction levels.

The prevalence of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has led to enhanced worker autonomy, allowing them to work and access corporate and network data from the convenience of their own devices. According to Forrester’s research, BYOD is increasingly being embraced across multiple organizations for its capacity to drive business value through higher worker productivity levels.

However, it is resulting in a number of security challenges, such as

The dissemination of security vulnerabilities in mobile devices and software application from poor security protocols and lack of encryption technologies.

Existing and traditional technologies, such as PCs and desktops, do not meet the high security assessment and remediation requirements of organizations today, resulting in unprecedented cyber security threats and attacks.
As a result of these aforementioned reasons, organizations are in need of the following:

Robust cyber security threat assessment technology that will ensure protection of confidential customer and corporate data on mobile devices in lieu of the growth of BYOD adoption; Scalable mobile security systems that can be extended to cover unregistered customers and partners and secure access to intranets using VPNs and other tools.

Fast, simple, and smart systems that can ensure corporate data compliance, security, and governance.


Paladion’s Mobile Devices Security-as-a-Service

Paladion On-Demand’s Mobile Devices Security-as-a-Service offers instant and thorough protection for your organization’s mobile devices, content, applications, and data transactions with real-time monitoring, visibility, and enforcement capabilities.

This helps you facilitate organizational goals driven by the use of mobile device technology with greater confidence and security, including BYOD, which allows you to reduce time taken to perform tasks from weeks or months to within a matter of a few minutes and hours, as a result of higher employee productivity.

What The Product Offers to Your Organization?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should feel rest assured of choosing Paladion as your sole security technology service provider.

  • We can allow you to quickly enrol mobile devices, including BYOD, leverage existing AD/LDAP and certificate authorities for advanced authentication, enforce security controls on mobile devices with centralized 3600 visibility, and provide efficient management across multiple platforms of smartphones and tablets.
  • We provide secure access to corporate intranet and networks, such as SharePoint, on mobile devices without requiring the need for device VPNS, and also offer comprehensive web access to mobile devices for protection against malicious websites for greater user productivity.
  • We offer secure access to your organization’s corporate email, calendar and contacts on smartphones and tablets, in addition to providing secure collaborations between employees whilst ensuring protection against key data loss concerns.


Outcomes Mobile Device Security Offerings
Standard Advanced Premium

Instant and Secure Mobile Devices Management

Controlled and Secure BYOD Roll-out and Management
to reduce costs and enhance productivity

Mobile Application Management

Secure Web Browser

App Containerization

Mobile E-mail Management

Self-Service Portal


Mobile Kiosk Management

Mobile Access Gateway

Why Choose Paladion?

Achieve Best and Continuous Protection with Advanced Mobile Threat Intelligence solution for all mobile devices

Receive complete protection from secure management of mobile devices, software applications to end-to-end data protection and rapid threat detection and monitoring capabilities.

Stay one step ahead of managing security threats with the help of early warning signs and actionable insights provided by the mobile threat intelligence solution.


Achieve Rapid Time-to-Value using instant security solution outcomes for all of your mobility initiatives

We offer you a security-as-a-service model threat intelligence tool providing you with a ‘complete mobile device security management package’, saving you the hassle of installing, configuring, and performing lengthy implementation tests.

Each mobile device is updated automatically on a continuous basis in order to protect users with the latest policies and security releases, ensuring your mobile security solutions are always up-to-date in tackling new cyber attacks and threats.


Significantly reduce your overall costs with an affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model

Our pricing model contains no hidden or extra charges, and is tailored to suit your mobile security outcomes in an affordable manner.


Our Pricing

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Paladion offers advanced threat intelligence security solutions for enterprises. If you are interested in our product and would like to request a demo or schedule a web meeting for further discussion on how our mobile security solutions may be of benefit to your organization.